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Best practices for teaching online and remotely

Here are four best practices for teaching online (ONLN) and remotely. Pragmatic tips are offered for how you might translate the recommended practices into your own teaching this fall. For a more comprehensive guide, please review the Teaching Commons’ YorkU Guide to Teaching Remotely. 1. Focus on the course’s most important learning outcomes, and scale […]

Teaching with Zoom

Because Zoom is a new tool for many instructors, it is important to take some time to become familiar with the software's functionality, and understand how to effectively manage a Zoom class. On this page, we offer some guidance on how to teach with Zoom. You will also find basic protocols for handling issues related […]

Teaching with Moodle

Many courses offering online and remote instruction will be taught through York's Learning Management System, Moodle. We have prepared a list of resources to assist you with getting started with Moodle, including step-by-step guides for creating groups, gradebooks, discussion boards, and quizzes. For more assistance with building a Moodle course, please click here. Tutorial videos […]

Building a Moodle course

To help instructors who are increasingly turning to Moodle for online and remote teaching, we have created an LA&PS Moodle template. LA&PS Moodle Template The LA&PS Moodle template is an optional template for your consideration and use. It standardizes the top section of the Moodle so that students encountering your course for the first time […]

Course Outline Templates

LA&PS is offering course outline templates for online/remote courses. These templates provide language that can assist instructors in their communications with students, and help manage both student and instructor expectations. This will be especially important for remotely-delivered courses, as students should understand how they can fully participate in the course as soon as possible. Their […]

Selecting Course Materials

Selecting course materials when delivering courses at a distance comes with new considerations. How will your students access textbooks, articles or other course material? How can you ensure that you are sharing these resources in compliance with copyright regulations? This section will offer tips to help you navigate the selection and sharing of course materials […]

Training Videos

As we continue to navigate through this time of change at York, instructors will need to shift their courses to online and remote formats. Here, we've prepared videos to walk you through this process. Instructions are provided to assist faculty members in building/maintaining Moodle courses, engaging students digitally, and teaching (a)synchronously. Throughout Summer 2020, Professor […]

Promoting Academic Integrity

While the transition to online/remote teaching presents some important changes to the ways in which instructors deliver their classes, instructors are still responsible for maintaining academic integrity in their courses. Below, we have listed some strategies for promoting academic integrity in your classes. But first, please consider how recent research demonstrates that some of our […]